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Flying Disc Ranch is renowned for growing some of the best tasting dates in America. Five of the varieties grown originated in North Africa and the Middle East: Medjhool (Morocco), Derrie (Iraq), Barhi (Iraq), Zahidi (Libya) and Deglet Noor (Algeria). Dates cannot be hybridized. That is why Robert started growing them in 1974. We have the following seasonal varieties for sale:

Medjool: "Queen of Dates." The largest date can satisfy or ruin your appetite in that it is a bit like a Snickers bar. Proceed with caution: one or two of these dates contain 15-25 grams of sugar, also known as all the sugar you need to consume for a single day (according to the World Health Organization and Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, M.D.). ! For best results, share more, consume fewer.

Medjool Date


Deglet Noor: Date of Light. Christina's "desert island" date of choice: nutty, brown sugar flavor, pairs well with other food. Frequently my dinner, with a few chile lime pistachios. A chef's favorite for complexity and subtlety, this date may surprise you over time. Keeping with the candy bar theme, I call this one a Kit Kat.

Deglet Noor Date

Barhi: Robert Lower is known as the Barhi King: barhi dates are fragile and require as close to a "no touch car wash" handling as possible. Robert pioneered harvesting and packaging these dates to take to California Certified Farmers Markets and beyond. As David Karp, the renowned pomologist, fruit lover, and fruit grower described them, "eating one is like biting into a caramel cloud."  See LA Times article.

Barhi Date



Yellow Barhi: This is primarily available in September, but sometimes we have them in October. It's best not to wait to order because once they're gone, they're gone: Barhi dates ripen. I like David Karp's description from the Los Angeles Times Market Watch: Fresh dates — "Most distinctive is the Barhi variety, picked at what is known in Arabic as the khalal stage of maturity, when it is yellow, firm and crunchy, with a flavor of coconut, sugarcane, and cinnamon."

Barhi Date

Dayri: The Purple Date. At one point Martha Stewart mistook a dayri for a medjool when she featured these on her television program. They are almost as rich as a medjool, but milder. They are a good substitute for the medjool and have their own vanilla honey flavor. They are gorgeous paired with the zahidi date, go great in salad (they have a sheen when dressed) and also do well in holiday breads. Recently I spied them dipped in chocolate.

Derrie Date


Zahidi: The Butter Date. This Cinderella date has recently been coming into maturity here… it's a cute date with a mild yet distinctive flavor. Medium texture. A favorite and fun to pair with the dayri for a purple and gold Mardi Gras or Lakers look.

Zahidi Date

Khadrawi: This is a popular and flavorful date that is wonderful but in limited supply here. The palms are not extremely productive and we have few trees. A great date with a chewy, caramel consistency.

Khadrawi Date


Ciré: A beautiful, foxy red colored seedling variety with a taste a bit reminiscent of persimmon. Named for Robert's four children Colima, Ian, Rae, and Eric.

Amber: A sweet and flavorful date.

Honeyball: A seedling variety that resembles whole nutmeg and tastes like a chewier barhi date.

Date Paste: Dates minus the pits. A mixture of medjool, zahidi, and deglet noor dates. We deliver the dates to Jewel Date Company a few miles away and they process the dates in their certified commercial kitchen using equipment we can only dream about.




According to Tanya Zavasta, author of Beautiful on Raw: unCooked Creations, dates are an ideal, easily digestible food that strengthen the muscles of the uterus in the last months of pregnancy and can help the dilation of the cervix at the time of delivery and reduce bleedling after delivery.

Dates are considered one of the best foods for women in nesting mode and who are breast-feeding. Dates contain trace minerals that assist in alleviating depression in mothers and also fortify breastmilk which results in enhanced immunity for mother and child.

"Within half an hour of eating dates, the body is re-energized. A shortage of sugar in the blood is usually why people feel hungry. The nutritional qualities of just a few dates will alleviate the feeling of hunger. After breaking a fast with dates, the body does not require as much food, helping to avoid excessive eating." p.271, Beautiful on Raw, by Tonya Zavasta



How to Keep Dates:

Dates like a cool and dry environment. After we harvest the dates, we keep them in a walk-in cooler on the ranch that is kept at 36 degrees F. Dates store well at room temperature depending on their moisture content. In general, zahidi and deglet noor dates need no refrigeration whereas medjhool and barhi store much better cold.


“The Best quality dates”
- Martha Stewart


“The Best North American
Source of Dates”

- French Chef Alan Ducasse
author of Harvesting Excellence


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